Yotsugi Ononoki

Yotsugi Ononoki (斧乃木 余接, Ononoki Yotsugi) is an expressionless human corpse tsukumogami and the shikigami familiar of Yozuru Kagenui.


Yotsugi looks like a 12 year old girl with turquoise hair, green eyes, pointy ears, and a strange orange hat with googly eyes. Her outfit consists of a frilly orange dress in varying shades of color, striped blue and grey stockings, and yellow boots.

As Tsukihi's doll, she commonly wears a kimono, likely due to Tsukihi dressing her up to match her fashion sense. 


Ononoki Reading

Ononoki reading.

Possibly due to the circumstances surrounding her creation, Yotsugi is seemingly void of any obvious personality traits. Her facial expression almost never changes from neutral and she speaks in a flat, monotone voice. Throughout the series she explores her identity by adopting various signature phrases and gestures. In her first appearance, she frequently ends statements with "Boku wa kimegao de sou itta", roughly meaning "I said, with a posed look", notably using the masculine "boku wa" to refer to herself. She would later drop this phrase out of embarrassment and regret, indicating her ability to express such emotions in her own way. When Koyomi Araragi mentions the subject he is immediately hushed by her and told never to bring it up again.

Despite appearing almost entirely stoic, she still has hinted at feeling genuine emotion. She's mentioned how she considers Koyomi her friend on multiple occasions, such as when giving him advice "as a friend" as opposed to as an oddity specialist. She's also expressed how she wouldn't want to have to harm him despite needing to follow orders as a shikigami.

Loli Features and Info

Literal Age: 15

Physical Age: 12

Birthday: Unknown

Height: Unknown yet short.

Weight: Unknown

Flat Chested

  • Eating Ice Cream
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