Shirayuki Mitsumine

Shirayuki Mistumine is the mother of Hakuya Mitsumine and Mashiro Mitsumine.


She is petite and looks young for her age. She has long black hair and brown eyes. She is also only seen wearing a traditional Japanese dress. She's almost as short as Mashiro herself suggesting that the women within the Mitsumine clan may all be short like her.


Eating Crepes

Shirayuki eating a crepe

She is easily distracted by sweet things and tends to blurt out important information casually. She is the one who casually lets slip that the Mitsumine clan isn't human. She also is shown to be an impulsive shopper and spender of money, because when she's introduced she purchases many food items.

Loli Features and info

Almost every detail about Shirayuki is unknown.

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Height: Unknown (She's nearly as short as Mashiro.)

Weight: Unknown

Flat Chested

  • Shirayuki and Mashiro
  • Mashiro's Mother