Hoshizora Rin (星空凛) is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is a first year in Otonokizaka High School. Her surname, Hoshizora, means "starry skies."


She has short, orange hair and chartreuse eyes. Her main color is yellow, but she is also represented with lime green or teal. Rin is short and only one centimeter taller than Nico. As a child, she was teased for wearing shorts and pants rather than skirts. Because of this, she was not used to wearing skirts and decided she could not wear them.

Neko - Rin

Neko Rin

She fits the Loli Height and often looks quite short compared to the rest of the group except for Nico, although the artwork of Love live has many different styles that the official art uses and has used in the past. Rin is a Loli however in some official art she will look like one while in others she will not.


Rin appears to be a bit of a tomboy. She mostly teases Koizumi Hanayo, her best friend/childhood friend, and appears to be with her most of the time. She is very energetic, sporty and active, and has attempted to hug every member of µ's. Though she is similar to Honoka in many ways, one key difference between the two is that Rin seems to be extremely mindful of other people's opinions. This is shown multiple times through out the anime. She also usually ends her sentences with nya~! (Meow). In addition, she sometimes acts like a cat and does the signature curved mouth look.


RinPana (Doujin Work)

It's hinted at and speculated amongst the Love live community that Rin and Hanayo may have feelings for each other. It's not as concrete as Nico and Maki but it still has strong evidence for why it's a possibility within the Anime, School Idol Diaries Manga, and Various Works.

Loli Features and Info

Age: Unknown (First-Year in High School)
Rin Drinking

Rin Drinking

Birthday: November 1

Height: 155cm

Weight: Unknown

Small Breasts