Mirai(未来) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series.


Mirai is a short black haired girl in gothic lolita fashion. She wears a black, white and dark teal frilled dress and bonnet with cat ears, cat tail, and what looks like black angel wings on her back. She wears white stockings and black dress shoes with black ring anklets with cat heads. She carries a European style umbrella that matches her dress in design, and like Yagyuu, she wears a black eye-patch with red tomoe over her left eye.

Adorable Mirai

She is not the shortest Senran despite being the most iconic as the main Loli of the series. She is 5'0, but still petite in stature.


Mirai is a short tempered individual and has a pathological hatred of being ignored by others and will go to extreme lengths to make her presence known. Though she wants desperately to be seen as an adult, she does often act like a little girl. She also has a severe case of breast envy, gets agitated when there are those bustier than her, but is not afraid to mock those who also have a flat chest, like Ryōbi. Despite this, however, Mirai is quite the opposite of what she outwardly displays.

Mirai is actually very timid and is deathly afraid of what others think about her. Mirai tends to suffer from low self esteem. At times where she has felt the others mistreat her, she'd often runs away in a panic and tries to hide. She's also developed a defense mechanism for this; having random outbursts and yelling at others for treating her a certain way. Despite all this, Mirai is still a generally nice person.

Mirai and Ryoubi being envious

Mirai and Ryoubi being envious

She cares very much for her comrades as they have gone out of their way to make her feel that she belongs. She feels especially close to Haruka and Homura.

Loli Features and Info

Age: 16

Birthday: December 28th

Height: 150cm

Weight: Unknown


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