Maria Close Up

Maria Takayama (高山 マリア, Takayama Maria) is a supporting character from the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series.



Maria has blue eyes and long lavender-silver flowing hair. Maria has been described as having snow-white skin. She is usually shown wearing her nun outfit, which consists of a dark-blue one piece dress with a white collar design of two long triangles and dark blue Cornette with a heart decoration. Maria also wears a necklace with a key.


Playing Games

Maria trying to Play Games

Maria is childish and displays this tendency numerous times, even when claiming that she's an adult. Due to Maria being a child prodigy, her arrogance made her unable to socialize with her peers.

Maria is both naive and gullible. Due to Kate's taunting, Maria came to think that she was actually a teacher and an adult. This causes Maria to be very rude, as seen when she scolds the people around her.

While she may not realize this herself, Maria really wants to befriend Kobato, to the point that she felt jealous about how popular Kobato really is with her classmates.

Loli Features and Info


Birthday: Unknown

Height: 146cm

Weight: 33kg

Flat Chested

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