Chizuru Ikeda

Chizuru Ikeda (池田 千鶴 Ikeda Chizuru) is Chitose's twin sister.


Like her sister, she has wavy neck-length white hair. Unlike her sister, however, she has green tsurime eyes, instead of blue tareme eyes.

She's usually seen in her school uniform, but when not at school, she usually wears plain and simple clothes.


Initially, Chizuru is showed to be a cold and taciturn person, pretty much the opposite of Chitose's nice and cuddly nature. Her distant personality causes other people to feel intimidated and uneasy around her, resulting in her not having a lot of friends.

Chizuru Drooling 1

A thing both Ikeda sisters have in common is their ability to fantasize on Yuri pairings should they take off their glasses. However, unlike Chitose, Chizuru fantasizes on the Ayano/Chitose pairing and shares a strong dislike for Kyōko, thinking of her as a barrier to her fantasies. Also, unlike Chitose's nosebleeding, she drools instead.

Yuri info

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She's not really interested in anyone in particular, She wants her twin sister Chitose to get with Ayano however she also seems to like her sister and enjoys getting kissed by her.

Chizuru being kissed

Chizuru being kissed

Loli Features and Info

Age: 14

Birthday: March 10

Height: 155cm

Weight: Unknown

Flat Chested

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