Alice Cartelet

Alice Cartelet (アリス・カータレット Arisu Kātaretto) is the main heroine of the Kin-iro Mosaic series.


Alice is a teenager with a petite, short frame that gives her the appearance of an elementary student. Her lightly curled blonde hair is normally worn in pigtails, with one held by a hair ornament Shino gave her when they were little. Her eyes are bright blue. Alice is the shortest character in the high-school.

For school, Alice wears the normal uniform and a pair of white stockings, paired with a pink cardigan. During the summer she usually wears her cardigan on her waist and switches her stockings for shorter socks.

During casual outings, Alice is shown in feminine dresses and attire, usually playing up her youthful appearance in comparison to the others.


Yoko carrying Alice

Yoko carrying Alice

Alice is a quiet and shy girl who generally keeps to herself when not with friends. She is shy around adults and finds some dogs to be scary, and because of her short height she struggles to be taken seriously at times. Despite how smart she is, she is capable of being childish and petty when at her worst.

Generally she is compassionate and kind towards her friends, but she is also blunt with her opinions- no matter who said it. She often tries to make negative things she may say sound positive, and should she be the one who gets upset by others she can be immature.

She is very fond of the Japanese culture and before arriving to Japan she spent the time Shino left her home studying it. She is very passionate about Japanese things and shows exhilarated energy that isn't always obvious at first glance. She is also very dependent on Shino and loves her more than anything to the point of telling people off or changing the subject if she feels envious of another person interacting with her.

Yuri Info

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Alice loves Shino more than anyone else and will go to some interesting lengths to keep her attention.

Karen and Shino

Alice and Shino

Loli Features and Info

Age: 16

Birthday: April 5

Height: 139cm

Weight: 45kg

Flat Chested